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1:24 Lexus LX600

1:24 Lexus LX600

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They say good things come in small packages, but the 1:24 Lexus LX600 model begs to differ.

It's a pocket-sized beast that roars with elegance and sophistication, turning heads and making even the tiniest traffic jams feel like a glamorous red carpet event.

  • Exquisite Detailing

    Captures every intricate detail, from its exterior design to the luxurious interior, providing an authentic ownership experience in a compact size.

  • Reliable Quality

    Crafted from high-quality materials, ensures durability and reliability. You can trust that it will maintain its beauty and quality over time.

  • Elegance and Prestige

    Displaying showcases a refined piece of art in your space. The sophisticated and prestigious design of the car will leave anyone in awe.

Driving a 1:24 Lexus LX600 model is like having a luxury getaway on your desk.

It's the perfect mini escape when you need a break from the chaos of the real world, complete with tiny leather seats and a miniature spa in the trunk!

  • Perfect Scale

    With its 1:24 scale is compact and ideal for display in any setting, whether it's on your desk, shelf, or collector's cabinet.

  • Affordable Luxury

    Allows you to experience the luxury of a Lexus at a fraction of the cost. It's an affordable way to indulge in the elegance and style associated with the brand.

  • Collector's Delight

    Lexus LX600 model is a must-have addition to collection. Its precision and attention to detail make it a valuable and sought-after piece for enthusiasts.

Model: Lexus LX600

Scale: 1:24
(21.5 x 8.2 x 8.7 cm)
Material: metal
Delivery: free shipping worldwide
Guarantee: 30 days free exchange